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Stromzähler #8 - Total Living

Offspace, Munich
Opening reception: January 15th 2022
Duration: Jan 16th 2022 - Jan 22th 2022
A group show curated by Sebastian Lechner at Isarparkhaus Munich

I Like My Guests To Think They Are Eating in A Clean House

Nails projectroom, Düsseldorf
Opening reception: July 15th 2021
Duration: July 15th 2021 - July 25th 2021

A group exhibition at Nails projectroom, Düsseldorf. Showing Jake Madel, Rike Dröscher and Theresa Volpp. As part of Strike A Pose - A Festival to show interfaces between Art, Design and Fashion.

Café Futurama

Magma Maria, Offenbach
Opening reception: March 26th 2021,
Duration: Mar 26th 2021 - April 4th 2021

A group exhibition at Magma Maria in Offenbach. Showing Max Geisler, Simon Henrich, Tina Kohlmann, Hong Mönch, Catharina Szonn and Theresa Volpp. Curated by Simon Henrich.